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Tuner's Choice Awards

Join Tuner's team, customers, and fans in nominating your favorite 'toon for a Tuner's Choice Award!  Let us hear what you have to say about the coolest 'toons that we've created. 

How it works.....

Just scan the QR code below and submit your nomination for our next Tuner's Choice Award contest.  Your nomination needs to be a drawing or cartoon of a vehicle.  You can submit your own drawing, a drawing that we've created for you, or a drawing by another artist. 

For each competition, our panel of judges will create a short list of 10-15 of their favorite nominations. Then, we'll invite Tuner's social media followers and customers to vote on their favorite 'toons.

Are there prizes?

You bet! The winner of each competition will be awarded a 'toon-related prize!

Ready to nominate your favorite 'toon?

Just scan the QR code below and submit your nomination!